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My Favorite Lazy Meals – Sandwiches

Ever since I retired, I have filled my time with cooking for me and my family. However, from time to time, I am in the mood for a quick snack that is filling and filled with everything the body needs. I am here today to talk to you about my favorite lazy meals: sandwiches. Who doesn’t love sandwiches? They are easy to make, they are tasty and you can put together a few with just several ingredients that you have in the fridge.



I must confess. I do not eat sandwiches only at lunchtime. Many people do so, but I am not one of them. Personally, I find sandwiches to be a good option for any meal of the day. Do you have to wake up and be out the door in minutes? There is nothing simpler than to throw together a sandwich and start eating while you are heading for your destination. At lunchtime, there is no other more logical choice than sandwiches. At dinner, again, if I am not in the mood to make something more elaborate, I just grab a sandwich and I am done.


pet2You may think that I am choosing the lazy way out of making real food. But the thing with sandwiches is that they offer you the best option for eating protein, veggies and carbs, in a small, convenient package, so they are really good. Even if you are vegan, you can make sandwiches and have them as quick meals or snacks. You can add anything you like, be it tomatoes or mayo. Plus, you are making yourself a favor by not having to head to the local fast food and eat their sugar filled recipes.


pet3I found a way to make this lazy meal even lazier, if that is possible. I got myself a sandwich maker. But being lazy about cooking is not what convinced me to get one of these. It is the fact that I can enjoy a warm (or even hot) sandwich instead of a cold one, made with ingredients just taken out from the fridge. For some reason, hot sandwiches are much tastier than cold ones, and for health reasons, I recommend them. Warm ingredients are easier to digest than cold ones, so you will do your stomach a favor and help it digest what you are stuffing it with.


pet4What I like about my sandwich maker is that it is really quick. I just have to assemble the sandwich and let the machine work its magic. What I get is a really tasty sandwich, with cheese that is melted just right and all the ingredients combined that it feels like I never want to eat anything else. I also got myself a book with sandwich recipes, so I never get bored. My family is very happy with my new found hobby, too. When they come over, they always ask me to make them some of my famous sandwiches. And I never say ‘no’. After all, sandwiches are so filling and tasty, and since I know exactly what I put in them, I know they are much healthier than anything else you may find at your local fast food.

About me

Hello folks! My name is Chris Grant and I am a retired oil platform worker with a lot of time to spare now that I no longer have to work long shifts. So, I decided to start a blog and I hope you will enjoy it. Life as a oil platform worker is not easy, I can tell you this. But, I had not expected, once I got retired, to feel like it can be really difficult to lie around all day long. I seriously think I was in some kind of withdrawal, no longer having to work long hours and demanding shifts. When I was still working, I was looking forward to any moment of free time. Right after I got discharged so to speak, I found that I was really missing life on the good old oil rig.


I am a man of action, so I did not just stay around, complaining about not having anything to do. I believe that each man makes his own life, and whining about things is just a lazy way of looking at life. So I started looking for ways to keep myself busy. I think that the ideas I found can help any retiree that feels like they are bored out of their minds.oil2 Personally, I found myself quite a bit of an avid cook. This was a bit of a surprise, since I used to be known as an avid eater, not as the person making the food. On my oil rig, food was something taken very seriously. Men there really need their protein, and I still think that if you want to eat the best food in the world, you should spend a single day on an oil rig, instead of spending your hard earned dollar in some fancy restaurant. Since the work is hard, you have all the excuses in the world to gorge on the great food the cooks there make for the team.


Anyway, now that I am no longer an active oil rig worker, I need to focus on my diet from a different perspective. I know well that I cannot eat as much as I used to and my wife really had to warn me about my suffering table manners. I like to think of all these as of a new challenge, which I am willing to take head on. oil4So I would very much like to invite you on this adventure of cooking and discovering the pleasures of homemade food. Good equipment is essential, as I learned while working on the oil rig. Good ingredients, even more so. If you will join me in my culinary adventure, we will learn together a lot of great things along the way. I am very excited about all the great recipes that we will try together and I will surely enjoy eating them. Retirees should not just sit around with nothing to do on their hands. My take on all this retirement thing is to grab a spoon and a knife and start cooking!