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I’ve decided to try making pizza at home

Now that I have plenty of free time to try new things I decided to try making pizza at home. It actually turned out pretty good, and I give credit to my new pizza oven. The first thing I want to say is that if you love pizza then you need to get one of these ovens, the second is that it can be ridiculously difficult to find the right one. So to make it a little easier for my readers I decided to share everything I learned when I went to purchase my pizza oven.





I didn’t realize that there were several types of pizza ovens, I thought that they all were basically the same. After the friendly and patient salesperson explained that there were several makes and models, I decided that I would probably need a chair. After answering several questions that included where I want to use it and how many pizzas I wanted to make at a time, I finally settled on a countertop model. It is compact, fits on my countertop, and best of all it is easy to use. It can even cook two 12 inch pizzas at the same time.





I simply couldn’t believe all of the colors pizza ovens can come in. You really can find one to match almost any decor. Even though I wasn’t really worried about my pizza oven matching the rest of my kitchen appliances, I did have fun going through all of my possible choices. I almost chose a bright red one, but in the end I took home one that is sleek and black.





Yes, pizza ovens can come with several features and not just the typical “on” and “off” button. The model I chose is pretty basic, but I also wasn’t looking to spend a whole lot of money. Like anything else, the more features the pizza oven comes the higher the price. I did pick one that came with a digital display, simply because it is easier to use. It also has a convenient “self cleaning” function that I simply love. I highly recommend this feature if nothing else when you are shopping for your pizza oven.

My Favorite Lazy Meals – Sandwiches

Ever since I retired, I have filled my time with cooking for me and my family. However, from time to time, I am in the mood for a quick snack that is filling and filled with everything the body needs. I am here today to talk to you about my favorite lazy meals: sandwiches. Who doesn’t love sandwiches? They are easy to make, they are tasty and you can put together a few with just several ingredients that you have in the fridge.



I must confess. I do not eat sandwiches only at lunchtime. Many people do so, but I am not one of them. Personally, I find sandwiches to be a good option for any meal of the day. Do you have to wake up and be out the door in minutes? There is nothing simpler than to throw together a sandwich and start eating while you are heading for your destination. At lunchtime, there is no other more logical choice than sandwiches. At dinner, again, if I am not in the mood to make something more elaborate, I just grab a sandwich and I am done.


pet2You may think that I am choosing the lazy way out of making real food. But the thing with sandwiches is that they offer you the best option for eating protein, veggies and carbs, in a small, convenient package, so they are really good. Even if you are vegan, you can make sandwiches and have them as quick meals or snacks. You can add anything you like, be it tomatoes or mayo. Plus, you are making yourself a favor by not having to head to the local fast food and eat their sugar filled recipes.


pet3I found a way to make this lazy meal even lazier, if that is possible. I got myself a sandwich maker. But being lazy about cooking is not what convinced me to get one of these. It is the fact that I can enjoy a warm (or even hot) sandwich instead of a cold one, made with ingredients just taken out from the fridge. For some reason, hot sandwiches are much tastier than cold ones, and for health reasons, I recommend them. Warm ingredients are easier to digest than cold ones, so you will do your stomach a favor and help it digest what you are stuffing it with.


pet4What I like about my sandwich maker is that it is really quick. I just have to assemble the sandwich and let the machine work its magic. What I get is a really tasty sandwich, with cheese that is melted just right and all the ingredients combined that it feels like I never want to eat anything else. I also got myself a book with sandwich recipes, so I never get bored. My family is very happy with my new found hobby, too. When they come over, they always ask me to make them some of my famous sandwiches. And I never say ‘no’. After all, sandwiches are so filling and tasty, and since I know exactly what I put in them, I know they are much healthier than anything else you may find at your local fast food.