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Leisure Time Activities that You Might Enjoy When You Are Old

As you get older, you start noticing how your body is no longer as nimble as it used to be, and that is just me putting it lightly. I’ve personally noticed my eyesight deprecating, my bones hurting and all the unpleasant things that come to keep us company as we grow older. Now, I am not writing this blog to complain and make others depressed. All my life, I have been the type of person with a can-do attitude and I am not backing down from a challenge when I see one. Now, here is my take on what to do as a retiree with a lot of time on your hands.


Getting involved in some sort of physical activity


People doing flexibility exercises

I know fitness may not seem like a good choice when every joint in your body seems to hurt, but physical activity is really worth the effort. You will be healthier, your heart will be younger, and you will also have fun. You can join a local club for seniors, or you can simply start by taking long walks. It is also a good opportunity to mingle and socialize with other people from the same age bracket. Seniors just do everything at their own pace, and it serves a great deal to be with like-minded people, because you will never feel like you are left behind, which is a big deal. I personally enjoy going fishing and I have a few friends who join me once in a while, so I get to spend a lot of time outside, while exchanging fishing tips with my acquaintances.


Learning new stuff


16Not only your body needs to stay trained as you age, but your mind as well. While I know a few people who enjoy playing chess, I am not among them. I prefer something more active, since I have been an active person all my life. That is why I took up cooking, and I must say that I am getting good at it. My wife has to deal with my experiments once in a while, but, otherwise, all is good, and I am even saving some money since we do not have to order in or go out to eat. My wife is really happy with my new found hobby and she is thankful for being able to take time off kitchen duty once in a while, so I can practice my craft.


Don’t forget about friends


17I cannot emphasize this enough. For seniors, social isolation can be quite a difficult thing to bear. And my opinion is that you do not have to bear it. Quite the contrary, since you now have so much time on your hands, you have no reason to not invite friends over or go visiting them. I am quite a host and I like to organize parties where we serve what we cook at home, and everyone is really happy.



I hope you will find plenty of leisure activities to enjoy, now that you are retired and you want to keep busy and happy, too!