Josie Cotton ‘Day of The Gun’ video premiere is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of ‘Day of The Gun’ by Josie Cotton.

It’s just a typical day for infamous New Wave icon Josie Cotton to wade through psycho bikers, bounty hunter priests, and lightning-quick kung fu killers while carousing with friends – Oh… and carrying the disembodied head of some spurned conquest. Her new music video for “Day Of The Gun” may seem shocking to some, but it’s de rigueur for her. The B-movie-style video homage is the title track of her latest album, released this past Spring 2023 via Kitten Robot.

Hunted by ‘do gooder’ priests, motorcycle bullies, loser boyfriends and a whole Martial Arts school of wannabe Bruce Lees, the “Day Of The Gun” video is a road trip to oblivion with Josie “the Fang” Cotton and her two sister soldiers who roam the highways seeking only justice with their beehives, bad attitudes and knives.

“Day of the Gun” bops in the best way possible. Clever vocals float over lean and mean guitars and drums. It rocks hard when it needs to, and it pulls back when it wants to highlight Cotton’s Debbie Harry-caliber voice. The music video for “Day of the Gun” gets in your face within the first five seconds with an actual face (on a severed head.) Josie is ready to evoke the best of Tarantino and all manner of cult film in this mini-epic. The third in her Trilogy of Horror video triptych which includes “Painting In Blood” and “Disco Ball”, “Day of The Gun” marks the final installment of her love affair with the macabre from this album. .

Day of the Gun features guest appearances by Kevin Preston (Long Shot, Prima Donna), Eddie Spaghetti (Supersuckers), Clem Burke (Blondie), and Lee Rocker (Stray Cats). Day of the Gun was recorded over a four-year time frame at Kitten Robot Studios and was produced and mixed by Josie and Paul Roessler (TSOL, The Screamers, Nina Hagan).

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