PREMIERE | Josie Cotton ‘Ukrainian Cowboy’ on

“I’ll be back / Before I’m gone / I’ve been traveling / For so long / Across the mountains / Through the snow.” And then the gorgeously addictive chorus: “There’s a hole in my soul as big as Russia.”

The video blends visuals akin to A Fistful of Dollars fused with Dr. Zhivago, as Cotton, wearing a white dress, rides a horse across the screen, followed by playing her guitar caparisoned in a glitzy, kitschy cowgirl outfit complete with Dolly Parton-like big hair. During her ride, she comes across Russian soldiers standing at attention or dancing, a marching band, and a balalaika playing bear.

“Ukrainian Cowboy” is perfectly balanced, replete with an infectious rhythm, grand vibrant harmonics, eloquent yet flamboyantly melodramatic lyrics, and Josie Cotton’s sumptuous voice. The combination of over-the-top visuals with the swaggering new wave country-pop music coalesces into a surreal audio-visual experience of unprecedented delight.

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